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Welcome to Team DIRT
Dirt is an Insurance brokerage dedicated to the off road enthusiast.
  After getting first hand training from a large.......you guessed it
and having problems with repairs it was
decided to help all riders with the same problem.

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Care for your 2/4x4 Quad Print E-mail
There are three approaches to 4 x 4 maintenance.

We won’t even discuss the "Ride ’til It Breaks" approach. A much better approach is to follow your ATV manual’s recommendations. Unfortunately, however, the manuals are often difficult to understand, and they can contain information that’s not all hat valuable or applicable.

An even better approach is to rely on your manual and your favorite ATV magazine! Collected from
 many years of experience wrenching on virtually every make of 4x4 ATV, here are our top tips to
insure your four-by will consistently run smoothly and safely.

• Keep an eye on tires and wheels for bent rims, slices or small nails that could cause a potential leak. It’s no fun repairing a 4x4’s flat tire in a swamp!
• Adjust tire pressure equally from left to right to improve steering and stability.
• Adjust tire pressure for the conditions you will be riding in. Rock hounding, which can cause sidewall-to-rim pinches and leaks, requires a higher pressure than mud.
• Set front wheel alignment to factory specifications. Some models require toe-in while others require toe-out.

• Inspect wheel bearings by shaking the front wheels. Loose or worn wheel bearings will affect steering precision.
• Inspect rear axle bearings by wiggling the rear wheel. Any detectable free-play in the axle could mean loose axle bearings, wheel hubs or swingarm bearings.
• Inspect swingarm bearings by wiggling rear axle and/or swingarm. Watch the swingarm pivot for side movement. Any side movement will require replacement of the swingarm bearings.

• Check the level of the front transfer case oil, plus front and rear differential oil level. Top off differential oil with 80W-90.
• Inspect the color of the oil for the engine, front transfer case, plus front and rear differential. Anything other than a honey/green/black color indicates contamination and requires a drain and refill. Water contamination will show up as gray/white.
• Add one ounce of GM Limited Slip Differential Fluid (four-ounce bottle) to any front differential that utilizes multi-plate clutches. This reduces steering effort, particularly on the Honda Foreman 350.
• Inspect engine oil level. Top off with the correct amount and weight of SH or above-rated name-brand four-stroke motor oil.
• Inspect two-stroke oil injection tank level on two-stroke Polarises. Top off with the recommended type and weight of two-stroke injector oil. Inspect integrity of oil injection tank feed line to motor for cracks.
• Check your coolant level and top off with 50/50 mixture of water and coolant.


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